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Kennel’s History

During a trip to New York in middle 80’s Ana Paola’s Father had his first contact with a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. Visiting a famous Italo-American entrepreneur who bred these African lion hounds, he became impressed with their mood. The dogs were spread out along the house and looked so calm, resting peacefully in strategic places, such as beneath of some sophisticated Art works or sculptures.

A couple of years after that, Ana’s father decided to bring the first dogs to Brazil. He knew well her Daughter’s passion for dogs, and he could bet that the Rhodesians would fascinate her.

That is just what happened. Ana fell madly in love with them. Love at first sight. In this moment, Ana saw clearly the way she would follow as a professional. SHE WOULD BE A RESEARCHER FOR THIS BREED AND THE OWNER OF A RENOWNED RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK KENNEL! AND THIS KENNEL WOULD BECOME “ MALABO APD” SOME YEARS LATER.

Today, Ana is full-time devoted to her kennel, always bringing advanced concepts and new dogs to Brazil. She also travels across the world, visiting the greatest breeding centers. As a consequence, she has established a good relationship with the most distinguished breeders of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, which has contributed to promote the image of both Malabo Kennel and Brazil worldwide.

Flávio Franco receives award for Best Breeder on behalf of Malabo APD

Ana is also concerned about divulging the Rhodesians through the appropriate means, because she believes that overexposure may lead such an exclusive breed to undesirable commonplaces.

Ana Paola Diniz

One’s Life Concept

Ana´s mother was the inspiration for her envolvemtn in dogs. They began with the Great Dane, and Ana eventually began showing poodles, rottweiliers and chow chows, after her mother passed away when Ana was thirteen. Her first memories are of being comforted by a Poodle in her cradlle, and from then on she was completely and totally infatuated with dogs.

Throughout twenty years of dedication and extensive research among the finest hounds in the world, Chief Researcher Ms. ANA PAOLA DINIZ has defined the African Rhodesian Ridgeback Hound, well known for its unique ability of hunting the lions of Rhodesia, in Southern Africa, as the most skillful hunter amongst dogs.

Since then Ana Paola started deep research, in order to seek the most proficient breeders around the world. Along these years, she has enhanced a worldwide network with these breeders, acquiring the most complete information about Rhodesians and achieving excellence in providing the uppermost settings concerning this breed.

Thus, the researcher decided to establish a State-of-the-Art Breeding Center, MALABO APD, which is considered as a worldwide reference among the centers. Within few years of operation, MALABO APD has achieved significant partnerships with prestigious Breeding Centers such as SPRING VALLEY KENNEL, OF AFRIKKA KENNEL and Others in the USA. Through these partnerships, MALABO APD can exchange successful experiences, that make easy access to the best reproduction sources in the world, hence introducing Brazil into the international scenery of Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

MALABO APD has two breeding centers, both in the State of São Paulo. One is located at Malabo APD Farm, near Sorocaba at Salto de Pirapóra; the other lies in São Paulo. The farm was designed to produce an appropriate environment for the dogs, similar to that of the African Savanah, in order to better develop muscular structure and the physical strength for the breed. The breeding center in downtown, by its turn, allows the hounds to be assisted by a staff of good veterinarians and coaches, besides the supervision of their Chief Researcher Ms. ANA PAOLA DINIZ.

MALAPO APD believes that the excellence and background of these hounds are essential to acquire the best of breeding for future breeders and owners of these wonderful Rhodesian Ridgebacks