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Malabo Team at RRCUS 2012 National – An unforgettable event

It’s always an honor for me to participate in the Nationals promoted by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the the United States! Meeting friends, participating in discussions between the more experienced breeders is always a delight for those who truly love the breed they raise.

But this year especially, the National was even more important and unforgettable: it was the first time I had the honor of participating in the event as a judge (Best Ridge) and as a Handler, presenting Summer Time of Malabo APD in the Sweepstake; and it is of these two experiences that I wish to talk about.

The first honor was being invited by the Club to judge this category in a National. It was an invitation that left me profoundly moved. I would like to truly thank the organization of the event for this opportunity. To us, breeders, sometimes it is very difficult to understand what the judges feel when faced with such responsibility.

It was a great pleasure to judge the best dogs in what makes them a striking and characteristic example of their breed. To look at each Ridge, analyze its form, size, and conformity, while keeping in mind which is closest to our ideal of the breed… It was truly an amazing experience that has improved my perspective as a breeder.


I hope the breeders are satisfied with my judgment and my choices. The winner of the “Best Ridge” was Castiel Mwenje’s Forbidden Angel (Sire: “Danny” CH Ruya Azure Built Like A Rock x Dam: “Fergie” U-CH BIF DC Ngwazi’s Blackeyed P at Mwenje, MC, LCX, FCh, SGRC2, ORC, JOR, CGC).

Ana & Summer Time on the ring

While still talking about my incredible experience, I must say that today I’ve come to admire the breeders that come to present their dogs in the competitions even more! Even though we know, in theory, all the right steps to a good presentation, we still get nervous. And even though I made mistakes in the Summer Time of Malabo, we still did very well in the Sweepstake! Take a look at the album with all the pictures of our presentation. I would like to thank the judge, Mr. Micheal Teeling, for his patience with us, as well as to all the breeders that were so welcoming.

The event was, as usual, very well organized, and I once again have to praise the organization of the exposition for the fluidity of the events.

Judged by Mrs. Barbara G. Ruppert, we had 381 dogs in the Conformity Category of the 2012 Nationals. We brought four dogs to the event: Summer Time of Malabo APD (Young Female), Julienne Moore of Malabo APD (Open Bitch) and Raquel Welch of Malabo APD, as well as Russel Crowe of Malabo APD (Open Dog) and Robert Redford of Malabo APD.

Russel Crowe of Malabo APD

Summer Time of Malabo got 4th place in her category, and Russel Crowe got 3rd place in the coveted Open Dog category.

Summer Time of Malabo APD


The complete results are in the following link:

I would like to thank all of those who helped make this National such an incredible and unforgettable experience for me! We’ll be together again in 2013

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